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Calgary Laboratory

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REDA's Calgary laboratory can run a variety of tests to ensure our clients get customized solutions to remedy production and flow issues. These tests include:

  • Paraffin Control / Remediation​

    • Cold finger deposition test​

    • Oil viscosity profile

    • Wax solvency test

  • Corrosion Inhibition

    • RCE test​

    • Pressurized autoclave test

    • Inhibitor compatibility 

      • Dispersibility​

      • Emulsion & foaming tendency

    • Inhibitor residual detection

  • Scale Inhibition

    • Scale tendency modelling​

    • Static jar test

REDA also offers full water analysis, for the preparation of synthetic brine in scale and corrosion testing. Analysis includes:

  • Fe/Mn/Cl trending

  • Hydrate curve modelling

  • Demulsifier bottle testing

  • Foaming and anti-foaming tests.

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