Refinery Additives

     REDA refinery additives include:


  • Octane Improvers (Proprietary blends)

  • Antioxidants 

  • Fuel Dyes (Solvent, powdered dyes) 

  • Conductivity Improver (Proprietary Organic Polymer) 

  • Cetane Improver (Ethylhexy Nitrate and Peroxide Chemistry) 

  • Metal Deactivator (Diamine Chemistry) 

  • Lubricity Additives (Acid and Ester Chemistry) 

  • Gasoline Detergent (Proprietary Blends) 

  • Diesel Detergent (Proprietary Blends) 

  • Diesel Cold Flow Improvers (Polymer Blends) 

  • Demulsifiers (various blends) 

  • DeNOx / DeSOx (various blends) 

  • Drag Reducers (high molecular weight polymer)

  • Catalyst Support  (Mercury, sulfur, arsenic, alumina, molecular sieves) 

  • Filtration / Purification (Alumina, Silica, Carbon) 

  • Process Antifoams (Polyglycol, Silicone, Non-Silicone) 

  • Amines (MDEA, DEA, MEA, DIPA, DGA) 

                                      REDA is an exclusive distributor for Cestoil products



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