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Production Chemicals

REDA Chemicals offers a comprehensive range of asset integrity management products, solutions and services. Our Calgary Lab includes a sour service laboratory.


  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • H2S Scavengers

  • Biocides


  • Scale Inhibitors / Dissolvers

  • Wax Control - Dispersants / Dissolvers

  • Asphaltene Control - Dispersants / Dissolvers

  • Hydrates Control  

  • Naphthenate Control

  • Foamers / Defoamers

  • Drag Reducers


REDA is experienced in the treatment of separation facilities. Our range of products are designed to meet the needs of any given system. Our products are optimally developed on fresh fluids / emulsions in field locations by our local team of separation specialists. 

  • Demulsifiers

  • Water Clarifiers

  • Antifoam

  • Flocculants / Coagulants

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