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REDA Chemicals is a leading chemical distributor providing business-to-business solutions for users of industrial and specialty chemicals operating in 30 countries. Through our team of over 600 professionals and technical experts, we offer innovative solutions to a wide range of market needs.

We are proud to support our customers through a growing number of facilities and from more than 40 sales offices and 35 warehouses & logistic centers strategically located throughout the global regions we serve. This means that we can closely monitor the success of all of our customers, anytime, anywhere.

As experts in the field of chemical distribution, we have the ability to provide the highest quality products and solutions, on-time delivery, technical excellence and unparalleled customer service and support.

REDA is committed to fostering long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers alike. We are dedicated to working closely with you to provide optimal solutions quickly. REDA is associated with global technology leaders with established products, services, manufacturing and R&D facilities. Through close collaboration with our partners and our proactive sourcing capabilities, we provide a broad range of products, innovative services and tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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