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Food & Beverage Ingredients

Your ingredients for growth!


REDA Food Ingredients, offers an extensive range of high quality ingredients that:

  • create structure and texture,

  • offer colour and taste,

  • optimize production processes, and

  • help you formulate quality food that meets health and nutritional challenges.


Customer Service - It's all about the RIGHT ingredients!


Our goals are to deliver outstanding customer service, the most competitive prices and a comprehensive portfolio of ingredients and solutions that have been developed based on the needs and challenges of our customers. 

Our product range includes plant-based ingredients, shelf-life extenders, sodium and phosphate reduction solutions, texturing agents, natural and artificial sweeteners, natural colours, yeast extracts, vitamins and enzymes such as translutaminase for meat, dairy and bakery.


Our food products comply with international standards and have appropriate quality assurance certification.


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Transglutaminases are used in dairy, meat, fish, bakery and other food industries. To improve the quality of food products through physical and chemical properties obtaining the desired viscosity, density, uniformity, and texture. 

  • Transglutaminase in the meat industry allows products to obtain a better bite and texture. In fermented products (pepperoni, salami) Transglutaminase reduces the fermentation time by up to 30 %.

  • In cooked products such as roast beef, ham, hot dogs, bologna and similar products provides a better texture and improved "juiciness".

  • The enzyme is particularly effective for cold bonding small and large pieces of meat, including beef, chicken and pork, preventing material loss, and obtaining an even cooking and attractive appearance.

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