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Manufacturers of dairy products (yogurt, cheese, dairy desserts and creams) benefit from our expertise with transglutaminase for increasing yield in most types of cheeses and enabling cost savings through reduction of protein and by the use of other additives such as natural sweeteners, milk ingredients, enzymes for lactose-free products, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

  • Food enzymes to improve the yield, structure and viscosity in dairy products and their derivatives (Transglutaminase)

  • Food enzymes to create lactose-free products

  • Concentrated skimmed milk powders

  • Coagulants (chymosin, microbial rennet)

  • Intense sweeteners and sugar free options (stevia, erythritol, sucralose, etc.)

  • Antimicrobials (nisin, natamycin)

  • Aloe Vera

  • Acidulants

  • Antibiotic detection tests

  • Natural Food Colors (annatto extracts)

  • Safe solutions to replace phosphate in liquid form

  • Sodium reduction solution

  • Texturizing agents

  • Vitamins and blends

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