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Patented by Bluenose Technologies, available  through REDA Canada.

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ProTerra RS is a non-explosive rock and concrete splitter with applications in:

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Concrete cutting

  • Controlled demolition

  • Quarrying

  • Excavating.

ProTerra RS's unique properties:

  • More expansive stress than all competitors.

  • Can be used as a liquid, paste or putty.

  • Waterproof (no need for plastic sleeves)

  • Available for temperature applications from -5°C to 30°C +.

ProTerra RS is an alternative solution for concrete demolition, rock breaking, excavation and removal where explosives or jack hammering may not be appropriate.

ProTerra RS can be used by construction, demolition, drilling or blasting companies, excavation, quarrying and mining companies, utilities or even on homeowner DIY projects when traditional methods, or equipment, could cause environmental damage, dust pollution, noise or be considered too dangerous to use. 

Our tests show that:

  1. ProTerra E2 mixes more easily than competitor products.

  2. Stays in suspension and allows for more time to apply.

  3. Expands more fully.

  4. Can be made into putty for use in "water-proofing" or for use in horizontal or overhead holes with the addition of BN Booster

  5. ProTerra RS, with BN Booster, generates up to 25% more expansion pressure, up to 23% faster, than competitive products.


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ProTerra E2.2 box with straps2.PNG

ProTerra RS (Rock Splitter) - 20 kg box

ProTerra RS - Broken Granite Boulder.PNG
ProTerra RS - cracked concrete ingot.PNG

Concrete immersed in 26% brine for 9 hrs.

ProTerra RS - putty.PNG

ProTerra RS putty. Easily placed into slant or overhead drill holes. Water repellent

Limestone Boulder

Because ProTerra RS effectively breaks rocks and concrete with no noise, dust or vibration, it is a great choice to use in residential areas, schools, hospitals or any construction / demolition site where there are noise, vibration or dust creation restrictions. Watch the video to see it working!

ProTerra RS generates at least 25% more expansive pressure than any conventional rock splitting / expansive grouts and works more than 23% faster, so you drill fewer holes and use less product.

Bluenose Technologies.PNG

ProTerra RS with BN Booster in lab test

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