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Gas Processing Chemicals

    REDA carries a full line of gas processing chemicals including:

  • Desiccants (Alumina / Silica) to remove moisture and contaminants from natural gas.

  • Catalyst Support Materials (Inert / activated Alumina)

  • Purification Catalysts (Mercury, Sulfur, Arsenic) to remove high concentration of contaminants.

  • Activated Carbon for filtration and purification applications.

  • Process Antifoams (Polyglycol / Silicone) to suppress process foaming issues.

  • Amines to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas.

  • Glycols to remove moisture from natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

  • Heat Transfer Oils (Phenyl chemistry) to heat transfer fluids.

  • Morpholine for pH adjustment and prevention of corrosion.

  • Sulfolane (Tetramethylene sulfone) to purify natural gas by removing H2S and CO2

  • Corrosion Inhibitors (water and oil-soluble chemistry) to reduce or prevent corrosion.

  • Scale Inhibitors (Phosphate / Polymer-based blend) to help prevent scale formation.

  • Hydrate Inhibitors to prevent formation of hydrates and reduce corrosion

  • H2S Scavengers (Triazine and Non-Triazine) to remove hydrogen sulfide from natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids.


We address the unique needs of your organization to help you to achieve enhance production, reduced downtime and reduced cost of operations.

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