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ProTerra LCM

A versatile, easy to use system designed to combat losses due to high fluid conductivity in fracture networks and high permeability zones. The system can be pumped as a pill or used as a preventative additive to either a water-based or an oil-based drilling fluid and will effectively heal loss zones without the use of cement. This will save the operator time, and money when dealing with significant loss events, especially those where cement plugs have traditionally been the only solution for these losses.​

ProTerra LCM is a patented, non-damaging product from Bluenose Technologies, available only from REDA.

Insure your mud system against losses!

ProTerra LCM spotted onto a gravel pack in a 20L vessel. Time lapse shows how ProTerra expands into the loss matrix after placement. Total elapsed time is about 2 hours.

Bluenose Technologies.PNG

"Loss insurance for your mud system".

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