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Meat and Seafood

Try REDA solutions for high quality meat products with superior appearance, nutritional enhancement & taste, extended shelf life and many other creating value attributes. Our selected ingredients provide cost savings by improving yield and process efficiency, reducing waste and optimizing the use of raw materials:

  • Enzymes to improve the binding of meat slices, add texture, bite and juiciness (Transglutaminase)

  • Fibre blends to reduce water syneresis in hams or minced meats. 

  • Fat replacers / extenders, based on sodium alginate.

  • Flavour enhancers

  • Natural solutions for shelf-life extenders

  • Natural smoke products

  • Protein blends, such as soy-based protein, for use in processed meats.

  • Natural flavour enhancers, such as yeast extract.

  • Liquid phosphate replacement.

  • Sodium reduction solutions

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